Blind contour drawing is absolutely amazing for your art practice.

I got into blind contour drawing practice the other day by registering for a drawing class with Yuko Shimizu on Skillshare the other day, and I think it changed my life forever. I had attended one beginning drawing class during my undergraduate study, and my teacher was absolutely amazing, but I did not have a chance to come across this technique. I think everybody adopts and practices a method that works best for them, and blind contour drawing really helped me improve my drawing confidence and result.

So what is it?

It is just as the name indicates; it’s drawing blind, meaning without looking at the paper. You are only allowed to look at the subject that you are drawing, and no erasing is allowed! So I took my ginormous mirror off the wall, placed it in the chair in front of me, and started blind drawing my self-portrait. You do not have to imagine how ridiculous my image turned out because here it is:

and version 2:

Laugh away! I don’t blame you. But then look at the result when I tried to incorporate part of blind contour drawing into doodling other objects, meaning sometimes I move my pen without looking at the paper. I only did when a line was complete and I had to lift the pen off the paper to draw the next line.

I talked to one of my friends who also loves art about it, and she told me that it is absolutely great to draw with pen without erasing because you only had one chance to succeed, and that gives our art much more improvisation and energy. It cannot be more true. I am so in love with drawing with pen now instead of making multiple careful lines with pencils and then erasing them a thousand times.

I encourage you to try this technique if you are into drawing. I promise you will see great results!


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July 14, 2019 - 16:05

It is in that light that I commence todays fiery post.


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