Portrait: It’s impossible to get one done with a simple face

One of my best friends asked me, “when you feel that you are inspired enough, draw me a portrait.” I had had a list of ideas that I wanted to realize on paper, so I thought I’d put this next on the list, but the inspiration overwhelmed me that I could not get my mind off it.

The guy is such a complex person, so emotional, so soft, so kind, so insecure but also so strong and intense, and in my bed I tossed and turned thinking what I could possibly do to describe this person on paper, with lines, and shapes, and colors, in my own way? Sometimes his insecurity drives me nuts but his complexity is beautiful beyond words. The next thing I know, I’m sketching his portrait, not starting out with his face contour, but with his heart, then his books, then his space obsession, then his coffee… I suspect that no ordinary face or facial expression would really depict him, so I tried my best with what often fills his soul.

This video documents the last bit of my coloring process for his portrait. I thought I would share it with you.

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