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Style, watercolor cupcake and the fight for flight compensation

So to this point I could say that style consistency is something I am struggling to achieve because I keep dangling back and forth between digital illustration and watercolor illustration. I love the two so much that it is too darn hard to get rid of either one just to have consistency on my instagram page! And of course everyone is trying to maintain quite strict consistency either in theme or in color on their profile. But is it really that important?

How is one to keep drawing things the same way all over again? Doesn’t it get boring? That’s one thing; the second is that, in the search for an illustrator, wouldn’t clients be more comfortable with one if they know he or she could do more than one thing? I was wondering up until this point when I got a vote of confidence in reading this very nerve-calming article by Kyle Webster. Basically he confirms that as an illustrator, he finds that his varied styles of illustration has opened up new markets for him and given him more opportunities than if he had only showcased one style of drawing. What a relief!

Now I can show you all my cupcake that I had illustrated the other day using watercolor! Phew! What a wonderful medium. Ever slightly so hard to control at first, but wonderful. I think I might do a series of food illustrations, concentrating on desserts with tons of whipped cream next. Just the thought of that makes me oh so happy. But before that, I must complete my autumn illustration. Be sure to look for it on my instagram! <3

So now to a totally irrelevant matter. In September I had booked a flight with Easy Jet from Toulouse to Berlin for myself, my uncle and my mom and the flight was delayed for 8 hours! It has now been 29 business days and they still have not given me any update on my compensation claim. I hope they are not going to try to get out of this but of course they will. I have started my fight for justice on Twitter and the universe knows I will not stop until I get my compensation.

If you are a frequent flyer, or even if you fly just once in a while, do know that you are entitled to cash compensation up to 600 EUR if your flight from/to an airport in the European Union is delayed for at least three hours. The amount of compensation will depend on the type (distance) of the flight.

You can read more about this EC261 regulation here. In the past I had a flight delayed for 2 days, and as the flight was more than 1500 km in distance, I succeeded in claiming my 600 EUR from Vietnam Airlines and they were obligated to arrange accommodation for all of us. It took quite a few of e-mails but I did get it, so do not let big corporations bully you. 🙂

Right, it’s 3:08 in the morning now. Time to get some sleep! Talk to you soon! <3


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